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South African Hippo Cruise in St. Lucia

July 12, 2016

Throughout our 2-week long cross-country safari of South Africa, we were constantly reminded that the animals were wild and unpredictable. None more so than the hippo. While these hippos were indeed hungry, they were (allegedly) hungry for human flesh. That is if you were to cross their path. Suddenly, the thought of a hippo cruise seemed way more thrilling than relaxing.

Getting Up Close with African Wildlife on a South African Hippo Cruise

Terrifying, right?

Somehow the hippos at the St. Lucia Estuary on the east coast of South Africa have become accustomed to the boat cruises sailing up and down. Our hippo cruise started off with a thud. A thud to my head that nearly knocked me out. Clearly, the hippos had it in for me.

Our tour group set off on two separate boats to explore the St. Lucia Estuary. Apart from hippos, the estuary is home to bull sharks and a wide range of birds. Once we started moving, we were offered tea and drinks to help calm our fear of the great hungry hippos.

One of the highlights of our cruise was seeing a baby hippo riding its mother's back. One of the things that make hippos unique is that they don't dive, they walk on the bottom of the sea-bed. A young hippopotamus will stand on their mother's back as if to catch a ride to where they want to go.

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