An Interview with Dalstonist’s Mark Wilding

January 15, 2015

I recently interviewed Mark Wilding, Editor of Dalstonist – an online and print publication focusing on developments in the London Borough of Hackney.

Mark founded Dalstonist at the beginning of 2013 while working freelance. Mark had noticed the increasing popularity of hyper-local journalism and knew Dalston and the surrounding areas were quickly becoming hotspots for youth culture.


Mark’s first job was in a planning department, which has helped him to break stories on new restaurant and bar openings in the area, having a deep insight into the planning application process.


Dalstonist was one of the first publications to write about the now infamous Cereal Killer Café in Brick Lane. Several of Dalstonist’s articles on the Cereal Killer Café have gone viral and have caused mainstream media, such as Channel 4, to pick up on the story.


Dalstonist cover a wide range of topics, the print magazine features interviews with musicians and artists as well as local listings. You will find similar content in the online publication, which also covers important topics such as the rising rents in Hackney and how this is forcing people out of the Borough.


How has the gentrification of London affected you? Let me know in the comments.