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About Me

My name is Anders. I'm a 20-something marketing professional and film graduate based in Paris, France. Originally from Denmark, I moved to the UK on my own at 16 to pursue some very lofty aspirations of becoming a starving artist. Then I got hungry and scrapped those plans. I've worn many different hats over the course of my life – Both literally and figuratively. When I'm not doing my day job, you'll find me writing and creating online videos for various websites. Some of the topics I blog about include Film, Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Money Saving Tips, Food & Politics. You can read more of my posts on my Travel Deals Blog and my Fashion and Design Blog.

This site serves as the main platform for my YouTube channel, where I document my travels around the world and provide travel tips.

I've worked with a number of brands throughout my travel blogging career, including Uber, Radisson Blu, Virgin Atlantic and more.


Q: What camera do you use? – A: I use a Canon 700D to take photos and record video. I use a Zoom H4N Microphone to record audio.

How to Contact Me

If you would like to contact me regarding editorial content, project collaborations or advertising, send me an email on [email protected]. I do my best to respond to everyone that gets in touch.